I am a Sigma Ambassador

Some of you have already heard about it, I'm now ambassador for Sigma.  Sigma makes lenses and cameras, I'm mainly dealing with lenses. Foka is their representative in Finland. I'm super happy that they chose me, I have been using Sigma Art lenses on my Sony A7RII for a while and really fell in love how well they perform. Honestly, I think Art lenses are best you can buy for your dslr-camera. So what does that ambassador deal mean? It means that I get to use the wide range of lenses, to be among first ones to test new lenses  and I get to go to events to talk about photography. That is quite something, cause I love my work as a photographer. And I'm not alone, I have a colleague, Marinella Himari. Lady who loves to travel, write and take photos. I'm super happy that I get to work with her. I do still have my Phase One, and I'm not selling it, unless someone throws nice pile of euros on table. This photo is taken with Sony A6500 with Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN C lens. A new wide angle lens for mirrorless cameras with crop sensor.  

Early bird

One of my favorite things is to wake-up really early and drive to a nice location to watch the sunrise.  Yesterday I did this once again, and it was really beautiful. Crispy morning with -4c temperature was nice and clear.   SaveSave


It's no secret that I love to travel. I have 24/7/365 travel fever and I am always looking for opportunities to hit the road. Last week I had some extra time and decided to take a over night trip to Repovesi National Park appx. 150km from Helsinki. Riding along was my loyal wingman, Onni the Labrador. Once there, we took a short walk to Lapinsalmi bridge to shoot aerial photos. Weather was "too good" I prefer misty, foggy and grey weather, not a big fan of sunshine. I got the photos and Onni lost his tennis ball.  After that we drove 20min to Tervajärvi where we stayed the night. I have a 2007 Range Rover Sport and it is just perfect for us to sleep in. We woke up early and it was beautiful morning. We took a walk by the lake, shot some photos and headed home. On our way back we found many nice spots to shoot. Our road trip was a success and I am looking forward to do a another one. Soon.


One of my dreams was to explore the coastline of Iceland. Few weeks ago I finally sat on Finnair flight from Helsinki to Reykjavik. I did have a plan what to see, since I only had three full days in Iceland. I was staying in Reykjavik and had a car, a nice Land Rover Discovery Sport thanks to Land Rover Finland, and I drove a to see lighthouses and the beautiful, yet hars coastline. My visit was short. Too short. I just have to go back next summer to experience the highlands and fjords of north coast.  Iceland is quite expensive place. But if you buy foor from supermarkets and eat at cheap thai restaurants it's not too expensive. Many people ask me how come I have money to travel so much as I do. Well, I always look for cheap flights. These flights I purchased already in April. And it is totally different thing to travel, than to be on vacation.


Yesterday I went to see airplanes. There is a cool spot at Helsinki Airport where you can watch planes landing.

Roses and rain

Summer is nice. But I don´t like to shoot when it is super sunny, it is just boring and the light is ugly. Luckily I live in Finland and the weather isn't always nice. Today when driving home I took a pit stop at a rose garden in Haaga. It was raining and everything looked much more beautiful than when it is blue skies. 

My brother

I have two younger brothers. They both love sea. The older one, Sam, loves sea so much hi is going to row across the Atlantic. He will participate to Talisker Atlantic Challenge, start is from La Gomera island on December. Goal is in Antiqua. 3000 nautical miles will take appx 60-90 days to row.