A different way to start a day

My March is going to be quite busy. When you are busy it is important to steal some time for yourself. Today I gave a pretty good kick-start to my week. Early morning coffee, and out to frozen sea with my wife and our dog Onni. Cross country skiing on frozen sea when sun is just rising, we couldn't stop smiling, it was that good.  

Photo gear for food photography

After many years of all kind of gear mania I have come to a point where I like to keep my camera bag as light as possible. This is what I mainly use for my food photography. Camera body: Sony A7RIII Lenses: Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art DG HSM (this is my favorite lens of all my lenses) and Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 Art DG OS HSM Flash: Elinchrom ELB1200 with Hi-Speed head Light shaper: Elinchrom deep 125cm white umbrella with diffusor. This is by far the best for food photos. Pieces of white and black foam board DUDE! where is your macro???? I have one, I don't use one. At this point it is not trendy to shoot details of portions, so macro is not needed. This is it, simple and easy to carry around. Badabim! Ou, I forgot something. I have my Leica Q for bts-shots.

Take a break

You know what? Sometimes it's good to take a short break and a weekend getaway is just perfect for that purpose. This weekend I packed my skis, camera, drone, wife and dog to car and drove to Hämeenlinna and to be more specific Aulanko Resort and spa. We went cross-country skiing, walking, grilled sausages on bonfire, visited the spa and slept well. That was a good energy booster for future weeks. Badabim! (Photos shot with Leica SL (loving this, maybe I don´t give it back) and aerials with Mavic Air) vaca

Weekend on countryside.

I just came back from a short trip to countryside. My father in-law lives a small village, 3 hours drive from Helsinki (where I live) It was nothing special, enjoying outdoors, sauna, good food and few glasses of wine. Very relaxing. Helsinki has not been so lucky what comes to a proper winter. It was nice to experience the real deal, snow and sub zero temperatures (this morning -20° celsius)


Everybody knows how important friends are. I am really happy to tell you that I have a new friend. That friend is a small roastery called Lehmus Roastery. They are located in Lappeenranta (2h to NE by train from Helsinki) and they roast some damn good coffee. At 2017 Helsinki Coffee Festival they were voted as best roastery in Finland. I love coffee, many photographers do. It´s like red wine to a painter or bourbon to a country singer. Thats why I am super happy that I got this opportunity to be part of Lehmus family.  What does this friendship mean? I don't fully know yet, cause it's like any friendship that has just begun.  But I am sure it will bring a lot of good things and some fine coffee. lehmusroastery.com instagram.com/lehmusroastery

There is more in Tenerife

I spent my Christmas and New Year in the island of Tenerife. Whole Gran Canaria is mainly known as a huge tourist trap, but it is much more. I had opportunity to spend three weeks exploring Tenerife, and I found so many beautiful places where I could spend my time in quiet and peace. Don't spend your time in huge tourist areas, take a step from that beaten path and you can discover unique and original places almost anywhere.

It’s not much, but it’s enough

I get quite a lot questions about my gear. Especially what gear I bring with me when travelling.  I am currently in Tenerife for a three weeks holiday trip so I want to keep my bag as light as possible, but I also want to  take nice photos of food, sunsets, stars, people, milkyway etc. This is my gear for three weeks: Sony A6500 body Sigma 30mm F1.4 DC DN C lens Sigma 16mm F1.4 DC DN C lens  Benro ProAngel FPA29A tripod Sony RX100V compact camera Then I have some batteries, memory cards, MacBook Pro and two Lacie Rugged hard drives And thats all. I don't need anything more to shoot really nice photos. My pro tip for you is to think at least three times, do I really need this? Does this piece of equipment help me to take better photos? Could I replace gear with creativity?