Travel Gadget

As a photographer who travels a lot, I am always seeking for products that will make my life easier. This is not a payed promotion, and not even a new product, but I haven´t heard about it before. When staying in hotels, there is always too few power outlets to charge all batteries and devices. I used to carry an extension cord with multiple sockets when ever I was travelling. But now I found a perfect substitute, it is called PowerCube™ USB It splits a standard ac outlet to four outlets, and has two usb-ports. So I can charge my laptop, camera, strobes, powerbank, iPhone and iPad simoultaneously. It is small and light weight, a perfect gadget for a traveller. You can find your from here. And people at Allocacoc, collaboration is possible :)

Rhododendron park

If you are in Helsinki in June, you should visit this beautiful Rhododendron park in Etelä-Haaga. Those flowers are super beautiful and evening light is amazing this time of the year. Pro tip, visit the park just after rain, scent from the flowers is unbelievable.  All photos shot with Leica Q

Postcards from Kilpisjärvi

  Shot with Sony A7RIII with Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 Art, 70-200mm f/2.8 and Leica M(typ240) with Summarit 50mm f/2.5
Apr 22

Five things I have with me when travelling

These are the five things I have with me every time I´m travelling. Wether it´s work-related, a vacation or just a quick get-away, these are the items I always bring with me
  1. Re-usable water bottle. You know, for the environmental reasons.
  2.  Notebook. I don't like to make notes on my iPhone, I prefer paper.
  3.  Business cards. You should always have this in your pocket, you never know to who do you might meet.
  4. Personal camera. Even when I travel for a photoshoot, I always have my "own" camera with me for personal projects.
  5.  Noise cancelling headphones. Well, sometimes you need your privacy. 

Postcards from Kuopio

I took a short trip to Kuopio on Easter. Here are few photos from The Pearl Of  Savo (a.k.a. Kuopio) All photos shot with Leica M9+Voigtländer 50mm f/1.1

Take a break

You know what? Sometimes it's good to take a short break and a weekend getaway is just perfect for that purpose. This weekend I packed my skis, camera, drone, wife and dog to car and drove to Hämeenlinna and to be more specific Aulanko Resort and spa. We went cross-country skiing, walking, grilled sausages on bonfire, visited the spa and slept well. That was a good energy booster for future weeks. Badabim! (Photos shot with Leica SL (loving this, maybe I don´t give it back) and aerials with Mavic Air) vaca

Weekend on countryside.

I just came back from a short trip to countryside. My father in-law lives a small village, 3 hours drive from Helsinki (where I live) It was nothing special, enjoying outdoors, sauna, good food and few glasses of wine. Very relaxing. Helsinki has not been so lucky what comes to a proper winter. It was nice to experience the real deal, snow and sub zero temperatures (this morning -20° celsius)