Travel Gadget

As a photographer who travels a lot, I am always seeking for products that will make my life easier. This is not a payed promotion, and not even a new product, but I haven´t heard about it before. When staying in hotels, there is always too few power outlets to charge all batteries and devices. I used to carry an extension cord with multiple sockets when ever I was travelling. But now I found a perfect substitute, it is called PowerCube™ USB It splits a standard ac outlet to four outlets, and has two usb-ports. So I can charge my laptop, camera, strobes, powerbank, iPhone and iPad simoultaneously. It is small and light weight, a perfect gadget for a traveller. You can find your from here. And people at Allocacoc, collaboration is possible :)

Formula One bread of Canadian Grand Prix

This time I'm giving you something sweet and salty.  On a bagel there is majo, crispy bacon glazed with maple syrup, mature cheddar and fried apple. Super tasty.  Shot with Sony A7RIII and Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 ART

Few Youtube channels I follow

Youtube is a great place to find inspiration, tips, learn techniques and just to entertain your self. Here is few channels I follow to learn and to get inspired. Filson: Brand for outdoor clothing and bags. Building on a heritage of guaranteed quality since 1897.    Leica Camera: Well, you know,  it's Leica. The Art of Photography: reviews, field tests, genuine talk about photography. Sigma Lenses: You know, I'm a Sigma Ambassador so this channel keeps me updated. Chase Jarvis: Talk about creative business, inspiration and interesting guests. Jimmy DiResta: This guy can build anything. Kyler Holland: Nice Premiere Pro tutorials.


400g ground lamb 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 tsp salt 2 tsp ground cumin 1 1⁄2 tsp red pepper Rakes 1 1⁄2 tsp smoked paprika, more for later
Warm flat bread Hummus spread  Arugula Tomatos Cucumber Jalapeno peppers Smoked paprika Salt flakes

Formula 1

I'm a big Formula One fan. Since early 2000 I have made, when ever it's been possible, a sandwich for the race. Something a bit better than I would normally do. My thought was to make a commercial thing out of this. Didn't do it. Couldn't find the way how to do it so that I could be proud about it. So, I will do it just for fun. I try to bring something local to every sandwich I make, according to the place where the grand prix is driven. So here is my first Fomula One Sandwich for season 2018 Australia. For Australia I gave my sandwich a bbq-vibe. Rustic bread BBQ-marinated beef Fried Onions Honey roasted hazelnuts Cheddar cheese HP-Mayo Lettuce Shot with Sony A7RIII and Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 ART Natural light

Photo gear for food photography

After many years of all kind of gear mania I have come to a point where I like to keep my camera bag as light as possible. This is what I mainly use for my food photography. Camera body: Sony A7RIII Lenses: Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art DG HSM (this is my favorite lens of all my lenses) and Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 Art DG OS HSM Flash: Elinchrom ELB1200 with Hi-Speed head Light shaper: Elinchrom deep 125cm white umbrella with diffusor. This is by far the best for food photos. Pieces of white and black foam board DUDE! where is your macro???? I have one, I don't use one. At this point it is not trendy to shoot details of portions, so macro is not needed. This is it, simple and easy to carry around. Badabim! Ou, I forgot something. I have my Leica Q for bts-shots.

My choice for portable speakers

I like to listen music, so I wanted to have good speaker to travel with. When flying or travelling by train you have to use headphones but in a hotel room it is nice to have a speaker. Of course you have to make a compromise between sound quality and portability. After testing several possibilities my choice was Beoplay A1. It sounds really good and it's not too big or heavy to take with you. I also got myself Beoplay A2 which I use at home or at my studio. Check Beoplay for more details.
Beoplay A1

Beoplay A1

Beoplay A2

Beoplay A2