Yesterday I went to see airplanes. There is a cool spot at Helsinki Airport where you can watch planes landing.

Roses and rain

Summer is nice. But I don´t like to shoot when it is super sunny, it is just boring and the light is ugly. Luckily I live in Finland and the weather isn't always nice. Today when driving home I took a pit stop at a rose garden in Haaga. It was raining and everything looked much more beautiful than when it is blue skies. 

My brother

I have two younger brothers. They both love sea. The older one, Sam, loves sea so much hi is going to row across the Atlantic. He will participate to Talisker Atlantic Challenge, start is from La Gomera island on December. Goal is in Antiqua. 3000 nautical miles will take appx 60-90 days to row.

Oh dear

About 45min drive from my home is located a place called Porkkalanniemi. It is an peninsula where is summerhouses etc. There is also quite a lot wild animals, and they come out when sun sets. I just love to drive there and spend a moment looking these nice creatures.