Five tips for road trips in Norway

Norway is a beautiful country and it is just perfect for photographers who loves road trips.
Here is five tips that will help you to get most out of your journey.



1. Dont rush.
    Driving in Norway will take time. Scenic routes are narrow and curvy, it can take three hours to drive 100km. And there is going to
    be so much things to photograph so thrust me, it will take time.


2. Sleeping in your car.
    If possible, I will suggest this option. There is plenty of rest stops where you can sleep, and many of those have clean toilets.
    If you have a camper van you have even more possibilities. I have slept in my Range Rover, four night in car, one in motel,
    four nights in car, and so on.

3. Norway is expensive.
    It is not a secret that Norway is expensive. I always have plenty of camping food with me. What I have noticed, southern parts 
    seems to be more expensive than north.


4. Take a ferry.
    Sometimes you have to, since it is not possibly to easily drive from one place to other. Sometimes it is nice to take a break and enjoy 
    of fresh sea breeze. Most of the ferries cost around 100-200NOK but there might be ferries that cost over 800NOK so make some 
    research to avoid surprises. 



5. Have a drone.
    There is so much to photograph, but some places are impossible to access. Drone gives you so much more possibilities.
    Just remember that maximum altitude is 120m and beware of the birds, some of them might see drone as their enemy.



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