Formula 1

I’m a big Formula One fan.
Since early 2000 I have made, when ever it’s been possible, a sandwich for the race. Something a bit better than I would normally do.

My thought was to make a commercial thing out of this. Didn’t do it. Couldn’t find the way how to do it so that I could be proud about it.
So, I will do it just for fun.
I try to bring something local to every sandwich I make, according to the place where the grand prix is driven.

So here is my first Fomula One Sandwich for season 2018

For Australia I gave my sandwich a bbq-vibe.

Rustic bread
BBQ-marinated beef
Fried Onions
Honey roasted hazelnuts
Cheddar cheese

Shot with Sony A7RIII and Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 ART
Natural light

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