I am a Sigma Ambassador

Some of you have already heard about it, I’m now ambassador for Sigma. 
Sigma makes lenses and cameras, I’m mainly dealing with lenses.
Foka is their representative in Finland.

I’m super happy that they chose me, I have been using Sigma Art lenses on my Sony A7RII for a while and really fell in love
how well they perform. Honestly, I think Art lenses are best you can buy for your dslr-camera.

So what does that ambassador deal mean? It means that I get to use the wide range of lenses, to be among first ones to test new lenses 
and I get to go to events to talk about photography. That is quite something, cause I love my work as a photographer.

And I’m not alone, I have a colleague, Marinella Himari. Lady who loves to travel, write and take photos. I’m super happy that I get to work with her.

I do still have my Phase One, and I’m not selling it, unless someone throws nice pile of euros on table.

This photo is taken with Sony A6500 with Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN C lens. A new wide angle lens for mirrorless cameras with crop sensor.


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