One of my dreams was to explore the coastline of Iceland. Few weeks ago I finally sat on Finnair flight from Helsinki to Reykjavik.
I did have a plan what to see, since I only had three full days in Iceland. I was staying in Reykjavik and had a car, a nice Land Rover Discovery Sport thanks to Land Rover Finland, and I drove a to see lighthouses and the beautiful, yet hars coastline. My visit was short. Too short. I just have to go back next summer to experience the highlands and fjords of north coast. 

Iceland is quite expensive place. But if you buy foor from supermarkets and eat at cheap thai restaurants it’s not too expensive.

Many people ask me how come I have money to travel so much as I do. Well, I always look for cheap flights. These flights I purchased already in April. And it is totally different thing to travel, than to be on vacation.

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